free-family-treeThe Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Society (LGHS) was founded in 1953 “to collect, preserve, and make available genealogical and historical materials; to assist its members in tracing their ancestry; to ascertain the location of public and private records, that they may be made available to students of genealogy; and  to aid in investigations of this nature.”

Today, LGHS continues to devote its energy and resources to these purposes through seminars, on-going programs, publications, and special projects.

The Society carries out its functions through member volunteers rather than a paid staff.  Although it cannot conduct individual research in response to queries, it strives to assist individuals by publishing queries free of charge in its journal and by providing direction, whenever possible, to other sources of assistance.

The Society holds its meetings in public facilities, and it sponsors a spring and a fall seminar each year in Baton Rouge at a location with convenient access to the interstate system.

icon-leafOfficers & Trustees, 2018-2020


  • President: Irma Lee Jackson, Baton Rouge
  • 1st Vice President: Marguerite Scully, Mandeville
  • 2nd Vice President: R. Martin Guidry, Baton Rouge
  • Secretary: Armajean G. Declouet, Lake Charles
  • Past President: 


  • Mary G. McKeough, Baton Rouge
  • Paul McKeough, Baton Rouge
  • Mary Gay Nilson, Baton Rouge
  • Brenda Perkins, Baton Rouge
  • Homer Rausch, Mandeville
  • Bret Sonnier, Lake Charles


  • Mary McKeough, Baton Rouge (Appointed)

First Families

  • Brenda Perkins, Baton Rouge (Appointed) 


Assistants (Volunteers)
  • Lisa Ferrand Hunter, Idaho
  • Michael McLeod, Florida